No more dragging, tugging or pulling

January 21, 2012 @ 12:10 pm posted by mwarren

My dog Daisy and I now walk with mutual enjoyment. With a regular leash her hound nose
pulled her every which way along the nature trail, dragging me behind. Head halter devices made
it easy for me but unpleasant for Daisy. With the Weiss Walkie™ Daisy walks with her head up
and tail wagging and I follow with a smile, no more dragging, tugging or pulling.”
- Darlene Larson, Regional Manager for the ASPCA National Shelter Outreach

I was so pleased with my first walk that I called to leave a message but I wanted to put it in
writing. The first walk was great the second even better. My wife has never been able to walk
pepper until now this is wonderful that we can now all walk together Thanks again for a great
- Gordon Hameister

The walkies arrived today!

@ 12:08 pm posted by mwarren

The walkies arrived today! Thank you very much! I have already tried one and have found it is
much easier to use than the No Pull No bull leash. The Walkie is easier to attach and even without
the optional stop, it does not loosen up as much as the No Pull No bull leash when the dog is not

Take it for what it is worth– as clicker trainer, a former member of the APDT, the AAHA, and
am presently taking graduate classes in human behavior/counseling, a lighter weight Walkie
parachute cord with a lighter brass snap would be excellent for the smaller dogs and any size pup
8 to 16 weeks of age for teaching walking at one’s side. I believe in early puppy learning, beginning at birth as I was introduced to service dog training 30 years ago. I believe in teaching manners and safety not “dog obedience” per se as the average owner has no intention of showing their dog in competition!

Thanks again! I am looking forward to sharing the Walkie with our community!
-Jan Reilly

This Walkie blew me away…

@ 12:05 pm posted by mwarren

I received the Walkie last week and put it on my 8 month old pup Holy cow I couldn’t get over
how much better she was while on our walk I had used the gentle harness before which wasn’t too
bad. This Walkie blew me away She doesn’t pull or seem like she wants to be the fastest walker in
town It works great and I am letting all my new pet owners know about the success Ive had with
the Walkie.
- Thank you Lanette

I received this product and it is FANTASTIC!

@ 12:04 pm posted by mwarren

I received this product and it is FANTASTIC!!! just what i needed for my very wonderful but also investigative dog. I have balance issues, so now can walk him without yanking him or getting furious or FALLING. glad you put this together. simple…..and so effective.
- Barbara Burg