Weiss Walkie Love Your Walks
Easily, Safely, Humanely Stops PullingThe Walkie™ is the perfect solution for dog guardians and animal shelters looking for a simple, dog-friendly way to take their furry companions on a walk – with absolutely no pulling. The Walkie™ is designed to quickly, comfortably, and humanely eliminate pulling with no training needed for you or your dog.

How does it work?

The Walkie™ wraps around your dog’s barrel and attaches to his or her buckle collar. When the dog pulls, the Walkie™ applies slight pressure, calming and relaxing the dog and naturally decreasing forward movement.

Will It Fit My Dog?

The Walkie™ comes in two sizes. The small size fits most dogs under 25 pounds, while the large fits most dogs up to 150 pounds.

Size Recommendations

  • LARGE – Fits most dogs over 25 lbs – 150 lbs
  • SMALL – Fits most dogs under 25 lbs

The Walkie (Made In The USA)

Available in the following colors.
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Weiss Walkies

Orange Weiss Walkie Red Weiss Walkie Sky Blue Weiss Walkie Red Weiss Walkie Pink Weiss Walkie Hunter Green Weiss Walkie Black Weiss Walkie

We Know Dogs

The Walkie was designed by Dr. Emily Weiss, a nationally recognized Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Mark Wasserman, trainer of National Champions and owner of Chisholm Creek Pet Resort a premier pet care facility. Their passion and love for dogs inspired them to create the simplest, no-pull device available.

For more information about Dr. Weiss, click here.

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Retailers and Humane Societies interested in purchasing The Walkies for resale or facility use qualify for wholesale pricing with a minimum of five units. Please download our wholesale order form and or our individual retail order form and submit via email or fax. Walkies can be mixed and matched in sizes and colors. Please save these forms for future use.

Questions can be addressed by emailing info@weisswalkie.com.

For More Information please call (316) 207-3790 or email us at mark@weisswalkie.com