I am looking forward to sharing the Walkie with our community!

January 21, 2012 @ 12:07 pm posted by mwarren

Take it for what it is worth– as clicker trainer, a former member of the APDT, the AAHA, and am presently taking graduate classes in human behavior/counseling, a lighter weight Walkie parachute cord with a lighter brass snap would be excellent for the smaller dogs and any size pup
8 to 16 weeks of age for teaching walking at one’s side. I believe in early puppy learning, beginning at birth as I was introduced to service dog training 30 years ago. I believe in teaching manners and safety not “dog obedience” per se as the average owner has no intention of showing their dog in the competition!

Thanks again! I am looking forward to sharing The Walkie with our community!
-Jan Reilly

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